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The Toolbar

  1. The path for the current window. The path statement is the list of directories leading to the location of a file. A directory is the same thing as a folder. The root is the top-most directory available. The current directory shown in the above image is named fun. These directory labels are hyperlinks that can be used to traverse the directory structure of the account.
  2. Directory Data Entry Strip: Another way to open a directory: you can type in the name of the directory and click the go button to open it. For instance, typing in /html will take you back to the /html directory.
  3. The Tools: A collection of site management tools.
  • Search: search for a string of text appearing in any, or all, of the checked files. Fileman will then present you with a list of the files containing the string.
  • Replace: find every occurrence of a string of text and replace it with the supplied new string.
  • Command: Allows you to run commands in a Virtual Telnet/SSH environment where any files that are owned by your account name are available for your use.
  • Upload: Upload a file to the Fileman account. When you click on Upload a strip opens in the bottom part of the window containing a data entry strip, a browse button and an upload button. Use the browse button to select the file to be uploaded. The filename will then appear in the data entry strip. Click the Upload button to transfer the file.
  • New File: Create a new text file. We only recommend using this method of web site creation if you don't have another program to create them. It is, however, useful for raw notes and strictly emergency html page changes. Make sure you have a backup of your files before using this option.
  • New Dir: Create a new directory (AKA Folder)
  • Protect: Perhaps the most useful feature of Fileman, this allows you to password protect any directory of your site.
  • Preferences: Settings to customize the look of Fileman. Settings include the font face, how lists of files are sorted, screen and link colors, number of lines per display.
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