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Unix Web Hosting

The Unix web hosting platform is the most popular platform both in the industry and with our ProHosting customers. It is widely regarded as extremely reliable and secure. Unix is best known for its high performance, stability and security among professional and advanced users. More than 30 years old, it is based on open standards and allows easy access to operating system applications and features. Below are several of the advantages of using the Unix platform for your ProHosting web hosting package.

Advantages for Unix:

  • The majority of web creation tutorials and documentation refer to the Unix platform
  • Extremely stable, reliable, functional, and flexible
  • Well-established: been around for 30 years
  • Flexibility: easy to upgrade and expand
  • Scripting languages such as Perl and PHP
  • Access to vast amounts of freeware written for UNIX servers
  • Supports mySQL databases
  • Less expensive (starts at only $17.95/month)

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