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About Us

ProHosting has state-of-the-art data center and network facilities in Orem, Utah, which house its servers. These colocated facilities have fully redundant power and dual separate connections to the backbone of the Internet. All systems are fully backed up.

ProHosting has superior server performance, exceeding 99.9% uptime. It has redundant network monitoring, as well as redundant other tier 1 connectivity, which allows ProHosting's service to be re-routed across the Web. Backup generators assist in maintaining power to its facilities. ProHosting handles all system administration as well as all engineering expertise in updating and maintaining its equipment.

ProHosting has developed, and owns, its own proprietary software and has strategic agreements for certain of its Web hosting tools. ProHosting's servers include:

  • FreeBSD Web hosting servers
  • DNS servers
  • Back-up servers
  • Developmental servers
  • Special application hosting servers
  • Additional pre-configured servers for quick access.
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ProHosting has hosted over 2,123,705 web sites since 1996!
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