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To Password Protect a Directory: This will allow you to require people to input a username and password before they can view any files in that directory (applies to sub-directories as well).

  1. Navigate to the directory you wish to password protect (you need to be INSIDE the directory, NOT have it checked in column 1 of section 2)

  2. Click Protect in the toolbar (Section 1)

  3. The following should now be displayed in Section 3 of FileMan at the bottom of the screen:

  4. From here, input the username and password you would like to use to protect the directory and then click Add User.

  5. To remove users, simply select them from the list of available users and click Remove or remove all by clicking Remove All

  6. Now, when someone accesses the URL for either the directory or any files/folders in that directory, the following dialog will appear in their browser:

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