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SUPPORT > FileMan > Tutorial > Uploading

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Upload a File

  1. Click the Upload link in Section 1.

    The bottom of the FileMan window will respond with an Upload status prompt and the File
    name data entry field will change, as noted below.
  2. The status line is reminding you of the currently open directory, the current destination for the uploaded file. If this is NOT the directory you want as the destination then return to Section 1 of the page and open the desired directory.

  3. You can choose the support for the file transfer, ASCII or binary binary, or use Auto and let the program define the uploading protocol (recommended).

  4. If you're uploading a fresh version of a file that already exists in the folder you can check Overwrite to replace the older version with the newer. Select Multiple Upload to open a window that will allow you to upload 10 files at once!

  5. The Browse button works as in any MS Windows program. It opens a window to help you select the file you want to upload from your hard drive.

  6. Once selected, the filename will appear in the File Name data entry field.

  7. Finally, click the Upload button to transfer the file.
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