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User Features
HTML Editor You can edit existing HTML or create new HTML pages with a built in HTML editor.
Advanced Search Users can quickly find files using our built in search feature. You can search by filename, or by the actual contents of files.
Search and Replace Users can do multiple file search and replace to quickly update several files at once.
File Upload Upload single files, or multiple files in one click. Upload in Ascii, Binary or have the program auto detect.
Copy Copy single files, or whole directories recursively
Move Move single files, or whole directories recursively
Delete Delete single files, or whole directories recursively
Permissions You can set permissions of groups of files using either numeric codes (755) or checkboxes for permissions (rwxr-xr-x).
Tail FileMan 2 can view the last n lines of a large file efficiently. Quickly view the end of a large access log, or other log file.
Diff FileMan 2 can view the differences between 2 text files and show you what has changed in the standard diff format.
Tar Management FileMan 2 can create, view, or extract from tar files or .tar.gz files (requires optional Compress::Zlib module). Easily create backups of your system by clicking on the directory and selecting Tar.
System Commands FileMan 2 lets you run system commands, providing a virtual shell account. Great for systems that don't provide any shell access (disabled in demo).
Perl Check Quickly check whether your perl files compile, just select the file and click on Perl (disabled in demo)
Password Protect Directories Includes support to manage .htaccess and .htpasswd files to password protect directories on Apache (disabled in demo).
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