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SUPPORT > E-Mail > Outlook Express Tutorial

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How to configure Outlook Express to get your E-mail via a POP connection

  1. Open Outlook express, click on the Tools menu, then "Accounts..."
    Tools >> Accounts... from Outlook express main
  2. This will bring up the Internet accounts window.
  3. Because we will be adding a new Mail account, we click Add >> Mail
  4. Internet Accounts listing
    Add mail
  5. In the first window, enter your Full Name in the "Display Name" field as you wish it to appear on your outgoing mails. Click Next to proceed.
    Entering the Display name
  6. Enter your full e-mail address, i.e. and click Next.

    Entering the E-mail address
  7. These instructions are for setting up the email client to connect to our mail server using a POP3 connection. To obtain the recommended settings for your hosting account, login to the Netadmin control panel here, then click on the Email Setup Info link in the Email section. You will need to locate the Incoming & Outgoing Mail Servers.
  8. Enter the mail servers, and be sure to spell the server name exactly correctly for both the incoming and outgoing mail servers.
    Enter the Valid mail servers
  9. The Account name is the entire e-mail address, like .
  10. enter the password for the e-mail account, which you set up in NetAdmin.
    Account name is the same as the e-mail address
  11. Once you have entered all of the information correctly, you are congratulated, and can check your mail.

  12. You have now successfully created your mail account, and should be able to check it.  The default shortcut key for this is CTRL+M, or you can check it from the Send/Recv button in the toolbar on the top.
  13. ProHosting requires SMTP authentication to send mail.  You must check a box to use Authentication.  The instructions are below:
    1. Click on Tools from the Outlook Express toolbar, and then on "Accounts..."
    2. First, we will set the new account as the default, so Outlook Express will use it to send mail automatically.
    3. Then click on "Properties"
      set the new account as default
    4. In the Properties window, Servers tab, verify that the servers are spelled correctly.
      Make sure that My server requires Authentication is checked!  If it is not checked, you will not be able to send any mail.
      verify that the server settings are all correct
    5. Many ISPs block the default Outgoing SMTP port (25) on domains other than their own. To avoid this difficulty, we highly recommend using port 465 with SSL enabled for your Outgoing Mail.  To change the Outgoing Mail port, click on the "Advanced" tab to show the port information.  The incoming port should also be changed from the default port (110) to 995 with SSL enabled.

    6. NOTE: In order to keep from taking up more space on the Web server than is needed, Un-Check the "Leave a copy of messages on server" checkbox.
      Change the outgoing Port to 465
      Once you have changed this, you should be able to send and receive your mail freely.
    7. There are several other items of interest in the other tabs, but they are personal preference, and will not be addressed by this tutorial.  You should explore them for yourself.

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