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How to configure K-9 Email Client on your Droid (Motorola) to get your E-mail

1. Open K-9 Email Client (below is most current version as of 2/24/2011) -- if you already have an account setup, you will see your currently selected mail box.
2. Select Menu, then More
3. Select Accounts
4. Your accounts are listed

image1 image2 image3 image4
5. Select Menu and choose Add Account
6/7. Enter your email address ([user]@[domain]) and password. Select Next
8. Choose POP3 as account type

image5 image6 image7 image8

9. K-9 parses the email address and popluates the username and POP3 server server fields. Edit the username to include @[domain]
10. Select Security Type SSL (if available). The port 995 will automatically populate. Click next. It will check the connection.
11. If successful, you will now get the Outgoing server settings page. Click next, and your account should be setup.

image9 image10 image11
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