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SUPPORT > Sales Agent Program:

Would you like to start earning commissions on every new customer you send our way? How would you like to be receiving an ongoing residual income for these referrals?

Tell me more! Everybody has a circle of influence consisting of family, friends, and business associates. Many of these same people look to you for your internet expertise and advice. Encourage them to allow ProHosting to host their web site and you are on your way to earning a nice ongoing annuity.

OK, what are the rules? First, because we are serious about this opportunity and assume that you are too, there is a one-time flat fee to play. We require a $50 non-refundable payment by check in order to set you up in our Sales Agent program. You must also have a current paying account with us or you must sign up for one. All of this is required to show us your commitment to being part of this dynamic program.

Now, how do I start earning commissions? After you sign up for and are approved for the Sales Agent program, we will assign you an account number. Whenever a new customer signs up for one of our hosting plans, they will have the opportunity to alert us as to who referred them to our service. The new subscriber will have to send us an email stating your agent account number. After three months of paid service, we will begin to credit you with a monthly commission amount (see chart below) for that subscriber and any other referrals you have.

So what are the monthly commission amounts?

Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Monthly hosting price: $17.95 $34.95 $99.95
Monthly commission per referral: $2.00 $4.00 $10.00

How do I get paid? We will cut you a check on a monthly basis after your total commissions reach or exceed the $50 level. For example, let’s say you refer 10 new subscribers all on the Plan B tier. After they have been onboard and paying for 3 months, we will begin to credit your account $4 for each of the 10 subscribers each month thereafter. So in your first qualifying month (4th month), you will be credited $40. The next month you will be credited an additional $40 and will have surpassed the $50 check limit and we will send you a check for $80! You will continue to receive your earned commissions for as long as those subscribers remain with ProHosting.

Are there any caveats I should be aware of? Yes. Remember that should any of your referrals cancel their service, you will obviously no longer receive commissions on their account. Also, if the referral happens to pay for an extended billing period (semi-annual or annual) and cancels his service before the term is completed, we may need to adjust your commissions accordingly. And if for any reason you cancel your paying account with us, any unpaid commissions on that date will be forfeited.

To Sign up for the Sales Agent program, enter in your email address so that we can send you our agreement. Sign it and return back to us.

email address:  

CALL TOLL FREE: 866-566-HOST (4678)

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