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SUPPORT > Reseller:
The full-service reseller program is our premier solution for your hosting needs.  Here is some general information about the full-service reseller program.  If you would like more specific details, please email us:

Price Breakdown:

# of Accounts PLAN A PLAN B PLAN C
5-14 $17 $33 $95
15-24 $16 $31 $89
25-49 $15 $29 $84
50-99 $13 $26 $72
100+ $11 $22 $61

If you have more then 200 accounts, please contact us for special arrangements.

Some Things You Need to Know:

The first thing that you need to do to get setup on the resellers program is to purchase a secure certificate.  Some recommended companies are:
Verisign -
Thawte -

The encryption you choose, 'weak' or 'strong', is entirely up to you.  Once you have your secure server certificate, email us.  We will need to send you information as you go through this process.   This will allow you to use your own secure server URL for your order form.  Also, you will need PGP-mail.  The secure certificate does not make your email secure. So this protects your customers when signing up for your service.  You can obtain this for a relatively inexpensive price from:  Several other sites also offer this.  All we'll need is your public key which is explained in the program.

Also, with the full-service reseller program, you will be fully resposible for billing and supporting your customers as will not.  You will need to provide your own credit card processor (if you plan to have real-time credit card processing) and a merchant account. We do not offer these gateways. You can use a company like, ICVerify, etc. for the processor.  A merchant account can be obtained through a local bank. They will also know how to help you link the processor to your merchant account.

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