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Add an image to your Roundcube signature

Add an image to your Roundcube signature

First, you need to follow the instructions for creating a signature in Roundcube by going here.

Under step 4 where it mentions placing a check mark on the HTML Signature option, you'd want to do that and then follow these steps.

  1. Click on the HTML icon which is for editing HTML source code.

  2. In the pop-up HTML Source Editor window, enter in the following code replacing this image path with your own:

    <img src="">

    (This should reference an image file (jpg, gif, png) that has already been uploaded to your website.)

  3. Click on Update to be dropped back to the signature editing page.

  4. Then click on Save to save the signature.

  5. Now once this has been done you'll want to click on Settings up at the top-right.

  6. From the left-hand menu click on Composing Messages.

  7. Then on the Compose HTML messages drop-down menu, select Always, and then click on Save.

  Now when you go to compose a new e-mail, you should see your image automatically appended to your signature at the bottom.

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