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Upload/Publish a Web Site Created with iWeb:

Apple iWeb '08 has two options for publishing a Web site: Publish to a MobileMe site, or publish to a folder. Apple iWeb '09 allows you to publish directly to your hosting account.

NOTE: If you have built your site with Apple iWeb '08 and want to publish it to your hosting account, you need to use the Publish to a Folder option and then manually upload the files to your hosting account via FTP.

Publishing Your Site with iWeb '08

From the File menu, select Publish to a Folder...

In the pop-up box, click Desktop on the left, then click the New Folder button.

Enter a name for the Web site, then click Create.

Be sure the new folder is selected, then click Choose.

Once the site has completed publishing to the folder, a confirmation message will appear.

iWeb will create an index file, and a folder with the site's name. Please be sure to upload both the index file and the folder to html folder of your account on the web server. You will need to obtain and configure a separate FTP client to do this.

Publishing Your Site with iWeb '09

Select the site you want to publish in the Sidebar.

In the Site Publishing Settings window, select FTP Server from the Publish to field.

Complete the following:
Site Name
Enter the name for your site.

Contact email
Enter a contact email for the site.

Server address
Enter your site's URL (e.g.

User name
Enter your FTP username (this is generally your hosting account number).

Enter your FTP password.

Generally you would enter html or /html here.

Leave this setting at FTP.

Leave this setting at 21.

Enter your Web site address.

To update your Facebook profile when you publish, click the Update my Facebook profile when I publish this site.

Select Publish Site from the action bar on the bottom of the iWeb interface.

After the site publishes, you can do the following:
Click Announce to email friends and family about the update.
Click Visit Site Now to open the site in your Web browser.
Click OK to close the dialog and continue working on your site.

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