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SUPPORT > EZ Mailinglist Manager:

** To create a new EZMLM mailing list:

Creating a new list is pretty simple. It only requires a couple of items of information to get started.

First, give your list a name (for example, My_New_List or MyNewList). You can name your list pretty much whatever you want. We recommend avoiding the use of spaces in the list name. We used the underscore character "_" in place of spaces. You can use upper or lower case letters for the list name.

Second, give your list an address (for example, mylist@mydomain.com). The list address must be an email address that is not currently in use. You'll use the list address to send emails to your subscriber list.

Third, make changes to the list options. For beginners, I strongly encourage you to use the default settings that are provided. As you learn how the various settings work, you can always make changes to these settings in the future.

After you have entered the basic information, click on the Create List button to save/create your list.

** Set up Moderators for your list:

Once your new list has been created, you need to assign yourself (and/or others) as moderator(s) of the new list. Select your new list then click the Edit button. Here is the main screen for your new list. It will eventually show the subscribers here, but we want to get the Moderator(s) set up first, so click on the Moderators button.

You will want to add any email addresses that will act as a moderator for this mailing list. With the default settings, only moderators can send messages out from the mailing list, so add any email address that you want to be able to send to your subscribers.

All lists are created with Message Moderation enabled by default.

** Adding subscribers to the mailing list

After the new list has been created and moderators added to the list, you can add subscribers to your mailing list. They can be added individually by typing in the email address in the field provided, then click on the Add Address button. You can also add multiple email addresses from a text file by clicking on Browse, finding the file, then click Open. The text file with the address must be in a format with one address per line.

** Sending messages to your subscriber list

Using the example from the list we created above, you can send an email to mylist@mydomain.com and it will send the email to all of your subscribers.

** Other useful tools

Once you have created a working mailing list, you can send an email to mylist help@mydomain.com to receive additional helps and hints for using your mailing list.

Sending an email to mylist list@mydomain.com will then send an email back to you with a list of your subscribers.

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