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SUPPORT > RealProducer:

1. Where to get Real Producer
2. How to configure Real Producer for live streaming

1.  Where to get Real Producer

You can get Real Producer from the following page: .

2.  How to configure Real Producer for live streaming

Step 1 -  Open Real Producer, whether you use the Real Producer Wizard or not is up to you, the settings will be the same at the end.  Below is a snap-shot of what the settings should be:

Figure-1 (Configuration)

Step 2 - Choose what you want to stream, "Capture Audio", "Capture Video", or both.

Step 3 - The Title, Author, and Copyright depend on your personal preference.

Step 4 - Choose whether you would like "Sure Stream" or "Single Rate", the free version or Real Producer will not have the option of "Sure Stream".

Step 5 - Choose the speed(s) you want to encode for.

Step 6 -  Chose the quality of media you are using.

Step 7 -  Specify the Settings for the Real Server.  

Step 8 -  If your settings are all correct pushing the start button to begin the stream.

Step 9 -  To listen to the broadcast you would need to connect your Real Player to:  rtsp://

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