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Windows 2000 WEB HOSTING

ProHosting offers Windows 2000 web hosting to its customers. Windows 2000 integrates well with other Microsoft applications and there are many commercial applications available for this platform. If you need NT web hosting for your shared hosting, ProHosting is the place for you.

Application Environment
Active Server Pages - To benefit from a powerful range of Microsoft technologies, choose from ProHosting's three Windows NT hosting options. Included with these options are Active Server Pages (ASP) scripting, which is a versatile scripting language that supports the dynamic creation of Web pages. Used in conjunction with an ODBC datasource, ASP's provide one of the best ways to create dynamic, database driven Web sites. ASP also has the flexibility to use Javascript and Visual Basic script.

Publishing Method
FrontPage extensions - FrontPage is a user-friendly application used to create, edit, manage and update a Web site. It provides a wide range of design themes and manages basic Web site features such as hyperlinks, search scripts, feedback forms, navigation and publishing. Click here for more information about Microsoft´s FrontPage software.

Database Applications
The Windows 2000 environment supports a variety of database applications such as:


Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
An Open Database Connectivity datasource enables the use of SQL queries to connect to a database file that has been uploaded to ProHosting's servers. Querying a database via ODBC is easy. SQL statements can be embedded into the Active Server Pages and the query is executed when a site visitor requests the page. The query output is used to display the Web page. ProHosting currently supports the following ODBC sources: Microsoft Access up to 2000, SQL up to 2005 and Excel.

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2005 is a perfect solution for creating powerful database-driven Web sites. When compared to ODBC, SQL Server's basic features offer better query performance, the flexibility to create and delete tables in an on-line database, and the automatic repair and compression of database files. The power of SQL Server for dynamic content generation lies within the Active Server Pages scripting technology, which allows SQL queries to be embedded within Web pages for execution on the server side, before the HTML formatted results are returned to the client.

Based on a customer's programming choices, Windows 2000 Web Hosting may be the appropriate platform.

ProHosting offers one NT hosting plan that is customizable so that customers can choose the features that best fit their needs.

Please Click on a NT Web Hosting Feature to get more information.
NT Web Hosting Features
  Monthly Charge  
  SetUp Fee  
  Disk Storage  
4000 MB
  POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts  
  Email Autoresponders  
  Domain Aliases  
  MS Access Database  
  Your own cgi-bin  
  Active Server Pages  
  Mailing Lists  
  E-mail forwarding  
  Data Transfer Amount  
30 GB
  Access Control  
  Domain Registration  
  Windows Media  
**Coming Soon 
  Unlimited FTP updates  
  Microsoft FrontPage extensions  
  Account Control Panel  
  Access to raw log files  
  Battery Backup  
  Daily HD backups  
  Same day setup  
  Real Video server access  
  Real Audio server access  
  SQL 2005 database support  
  Anonymous FTP  
  Graphical Traffic Reports  
  Public SSL server access  
  Private SSL server access  
  Java Servelets  
Additional items for Plan NT
  Additional disk storage space (1000 Megabytes)  
* ProHosting will allow you to use as much disk storage space, POP accounts, and Email Auto responders as allowed. However, putting up a software archive will not be allowed. Using ProHosting as a backup device will not be allowed. These features are to be used within your account, and not distributed to other internet users.
** Feature not yet available, but planned

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